A Day At The Ballpark

This past Sunday we took the boys to Minute Maid park for a baseball game.  We took them one time before when they just babies but haven't been back since.  Justin has a friend, Aaron Hill, that he played high school summer league with that plays for the Diamondbacks and he was in town playing the Astros so we went to say hi.   

We left really early so that we could get there in time for opposing team batting practice to catch a chance to say hello.  I was very nervous about how the boys would do but I think they were so overwhelmed at first by all the lights and activities that they took awhile to get warmed up and take it all in.

Waiting on the players to come out

checking out the field with daddy

The boys got lucky and had a really special day.  Well, who can resist a dad with twin toddlers down by the field?  They got baseballs from the players, high fives from the mascot Junction Jack, and more balls from the "cheerleader girls".

After awhile we Justin finally got to see Aaron and say hello.  He actually has a brother in law that lives here so they made plans to meet up after the season is over.

By this time it was almost game time, and the shenanigans began.  First we ate all this popcorn, then Eli decided it was a hat.  Then of course Beckett wanted a turn.  Then he began to sing "Do you know the popcorn man?"  These two!

I saw on the overhead board that there was a kids zone through some of the first innings so we took the boys to get some now crazy energy out.  This was a huge hit!  

After the kid zone closed, Justin wanted to make it back to try and see some of the game.  And what does every wild, already super excited toddler need?  Cotton candy of course.  Dad's idea. Totally Dad's idea!

Best. Dad. Ever.

After the cotton candy kicked in, we were out of there!  No longer would we sit in our seats.  We were running and throwing balls and Eli was saying "sticky hands sticky hands" and trying to touch everyone.  Oh and the dancing. He danced in the aisles and did his new leg lift dance every time the music played. Once he realized he had a huge audience, it kicked it up even more.  That is a sure sign it is time to make our exit.   Before we left though, Justin saw Aaron hit a home run.  We later found out he hit another in the last innings.

Beckett almost 3!

Eli almost 3!
We made it and hour and 1/2 pregame plus 4 innings. I think that was pretty impressive for these two.  Both agreed they wanted to play the "baseball" so I don't think this will be our last trip to the ballpark.  Going home they were singing and Beckett looked at me and said "Mommy, I had fun today" And you know what? Mommy did too! 

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