A Few Days In The "Country"

Part of the deal for the beach trip was that "Poppy's boys" got to spend a couple of days at Poppy and Dee Dee's in the country as they say.  After we left LuLu's we headed north to Crenshaw County.  No trip to the South is complete without a stop at a local farmer's market.  This one was amazing!  Now the selection was huge so upon further inspection everything was grown in the USA but not all locally.  Everything was marked or identified as local or not so that was great.  They also had a bakery that had tons of homemade treats.  We scored a delicious homemade local blackberry cobbler.  It did not disappoint!

The boys had a great time at their house.  Uncle Bubba, Madison, Ma, Dave, & Phyllis came over and spent so much time with them.   They had constant playmates for the entire time.  They learned to drive their new trucks!  These were replacements for the ones that were stolen (argh still makes me mad) after Christmas.  Eli could actually steer, follow you all over the "farm", and do a great job.  Beckett loved to "push the pedal" but not use his arms!

Their hands down most favorite part that they still talk about everyday?  Feeding the animals!  I mean, Beckett must dream about it because he sometimes wakes ups and starts talking about the finding the chickens and getting the eggs.  They both can tell you the horse's name "Star" but they can only remember one goats name "Snowflake".  

3 cats

2 dogs

a horse names Star

2 goats "Snowflake & Colonel"


the eggs!

"Yook! I got an egg!"

The bunny

They also got to go on a fishing trip to "Poppy's pond" with Poppy, Uncle Bubba, Madison, & Gracie.  Mom and I were visiting with some very special friends... meeting this sweet girl and we joined them later.  Isn't she precious!

Sweet Caroline 
The boys loved fishing too!  They both touched the worms and the fish.  Poppy's pond is built to little boy perfection.  Pretty much catch a fish everytime!  

And of course we ate good.. I mean really good!  Poppy manned the grill for steaks, chicken, and ribs over the course of the stay.  We had so many yummy sides made by all the women. Fresh vegetables and casseroles.  Southern eating at its finest.

And Eli got his first girlfriend :-)  This melted my heart!  They played this game forever.  He loved him some Uncle Bubba and Madison. He would play chase and run around you could here him say "you seen my Uncle Bubba anywhere?"

I extra doubly special sweet treat?  They spent time with their Riley family too!  Nana, Papa, Gamma, Lauren, and baby Emmaline came to visit us.  

Dominoes "aka mongos" with Papa

To top it all off I got to make a very special trip north to Birmingham and love on the Armstrong family.  These girls (and their parents) make my heart happy!

We left before sunrise on Sunday morning.  Dee Dee & I making the trip back with the boys.  Surprisingly we did it in 12 hours.  Whoo hoo!   We had just 3 stops on the way.  Playground in Abita Springs, Raising Canes in Lake Charles, and Target in Beaumont.  The boys took turns napping so on the last 2 stops one slept in the car while the other played with mom (or ate).

After a tearful goodbye with Dee Dee on Monday the reality of the end of vacation hit us.  We made so many special memories that we will always treasure in our hearts.  Thank you God for the blessings of family, friends, and safe travels.  


The Riley's