Earth Day Planting

Really the timing of these little projects was by chance.  None preplanned for Earth Day but worked out just the same!  A couple of months ago, I found this idea for a 3 tier planter on Pinterest from the amazing blog Positively Splendid.   SO SO SO CUTE! 

On my walks with the boys we pass several empty lots in our neighborhood and one day I spied all these pots just hanging out.  My mind had been working on what I could do with them so when I ran across the picture on Pinterest I knew I found the answer!  I originally tried to get the pots myself but there were WAY too many bugs .... and creepy crawlies.  Sent hubby on a recon mission and he came home with "the best 3".  

That was seriously early March.  I already had spray paint from a previous bird house project (that I never finished!) and it took me several naps and a visit from grandparents to finally get them painted.  My initial rush to get them painted was so that my Master Gardener mom Dee Dee could plant them for me.  Nope. Missed that deadline so they have literally sat empty on my front porch catching beatles for a couple of weeks now.

We had guest coming for the weekend (doesn't that always motivate you to get things done) so I knew it was time to get it going.  After 1 trip to Lowe's (resulted no flowers because I was so confused over what to buy and the guy was NO HELP) and several phone calls to Dee Dee while at the garden store, I was ready to make it happen.    Here are my pots before...

and AFTER!!  I LOVE IT!  

I sent it to Dee Dee and she gave me the official stamp of approval and said "It's very welcoming" SCORE!  That is exactly what I was going for.  I mostly followed the tutorial from the blog mentioned above but used my cricut to cut vinyl dots and a letter (instead of street number).  Now the hard part is keeping it alive!

That same day, I picked up my little men after school and they come running out to show me what they made.  They were so excited!  Beckett kept saying "Beckett made it mom, Beckett really made it!" and Eli "E-I's is orange! Look mom its a flower" They painted the pots and planted them in honor of Earth Day.  We all got our hands in the dirt a little on Friday!  When we got home it was starting to rain but I begged them to let me take a picture of them with their flowers.  Beckett quickly agreed but Eli was not happy with getting a little wet from the rain.  We brought them inside and agreed that the window is the best place for them. They were so excited to show Daddy when he came home.  

Hope everyone was able to show the earth a little love last week!

The Riley's