Spring Break and The Lost Pines

As I mentioned in my last post, the turnaround for visitors was very quick. In fact, the Riley's pulled out of the driveway at 7:00am on Sunday morning and the Roberts pulled in at 7:30am!!  The boys immediately ran out to see them and the fun was on.  They showed up with beignets which was a great start to our day :-)  They came early to attend church with us which was really special.  The boys were so proud to show Poppy, Dee Dee, and GG how to get stickers, donuts, coffee, and where they go to class.  I loved sitting by GG in church and singing with her and praying with our family.

After we got lunch in us it was time to hit the road for a vacation!  Poppy and Dee Dee treated us to a few days stay at the Hyatt Lost Pines outside of Austin. Let me be the first to tell you IT IS AMAZING!  It's like beach resort meets Texas outdoor adventure. They have a little of everything and they do it all top notch including service.  As soon as we got there, we immediately got changed and hit the pool!  This was the boys first time back in the water since last year.  At first all Beckett said was "help me help me" and Eli was a little adventurous.  Well, it didn't take long and they were BOTH independent, swimming all over in their puddle jumpers, and begging Poppy to take them on the slide!  

trying to keep her hair dry



My independent Beckett swimming with the big kids


playing with Mator and Mcqueen pool side 

Not only do they have a "beach" with the perfect depth water for playing, they have baby pools, slides, waterfalls, and the lazy river!  The first time around, Beckett & Eli chilled in a float. By the last time we went around Eli wanted out to "kick" He just "swam" and the current took him a long the river!

On Monday, we planned a great day of activities starting with pony rides for the little ones.  Before we headed out on the bus, we took a few practice rides in the activity center :-)

I was totally thinking a ring of ponies (like at fairs) going around and around in an arena.  No way!  They rode individually on Buddy through trails.  A trail ride for a 2 year old.  That is how they do it at the Hyatt.  The boys were so precious.  Beckett said "yee-haw" and "I'm riding I'm riding" and Eli said "here comes Eli" when they would come around.  Both agreed that was fun and both could be heard talking, laughing, and giggling throughout.  

Here is the picture I sent Justin from our "horse" ride.  LOVE these sweet faces.

Oh yeah.. GG and I got some horse riding action too. It has been years since I rode a horse. Years. But GG rides every year at summer camp.  I was super duper nervous but it was awesome.  I was on  horse named Dunny and Grace had a horse named Dante (a huge horse) and we had a blast!  I wish that I had more pictures but I was holding on for dear life.  Seriously.  We had to really steer them, and slow them down, and keep them from eating up and down mountain trails and rocks.  Whew. Amazing though!

While were there, our best friend Morgan from Austin and her sweet baby Nash came to spend the day with us.  I missed having Walt around to keep us laughing but it was great to see my friend and spend the day with her.  It was also Nash's first time in the water. He loved it and had the best day.  What a great baby!

We LOVED the beach.. and enjoyed it all afternoon.

Reading Hunger Games by the pool 

snack time!

There were so many fun things to enjoy together.   Check out the scenery and the animals.

Colorado River

They had a great bike station set up and we had to take advantage of it of course.  We had an awesome ride.. the boys were so happy behind Poppy.  Serious giggling and talking to Poppy while they were riding.

Some of my favorite favorite cute moments - 

Gracie preparing to show me again her 13 year old attitude face

Oh yeah.. there it is :-)

But silly too!

Sweet little travels beds

Beckett slept in this position for 13 hours after
passing out at the dinner table

enjoying marshmellows on the balcony 

late night room service with my roomie 

Too say that we were exhausted when we left does not scratch the surface but it was SO WORTH it.  We crammed in every bit of fun that we possibly could in our 3 days and everyone had a great time together.  I think Gracie will always remember this special Spring Break and I know we will.   Thank you Poppy and Dee Dee for the wonderful vacation.  It was such a treat! 

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