Off To Poppa and Gamma's House

After a very busy morning, we loaded up our tired little ones and headed south to Crestview to Poppa & Gamma's house.  

As soon as we got there we started exploring.  And what did we find?  A Christmas tree with LOTS of presents underneath.  Which led to of course, opening one.  Justin said Beckett could read because he brought him  a present that said Justin and said "here Daddy" then he did again for Eli and then for me!  Smart boy :-)

And most importantly we got acquainted with our new cousin. Baby Emmaline. Who might be the BEST baby ever. seriously ever. Not fair at all.  Tried to convince her to wake up and scream for her mom and dad. Preferably in the middle of the night. But no! The precious angel insisted on sleeping. Really.  She is the best.  

And a great surprise on Saturday night!  Both families remembered our anniversary.  My parents with a sweet gift and Justin's family with a surprise champagne and yummy cake after dinner.  Happy 7th Anniversary Sweet Justin!

When the boys get crazy in the house the best thing to do is take them for a walk or ride.  They loved the woods near Justin's house.  We went through the trails and took an adventure.  They loved the most running up and down the "mountains"  Yes. Our children are deprived of hills living his Houston.  They thought all hills were mountains.  We have to get them out more :-)

We had a super yummy "Christmas dinner" with all intentions of that being our gift night with the Riley's but naps didn't go that well and the boys were disasters so off to bed they went.  Dinner was fantastic though. Nothing beat's Grandma's prime rib. Yummers.

Poppa carving the prime rib

Baby Emmaline is ready for Christmas

The boys had a blast building their first ever gingerbread house with their Gamma.  Beckett was quite the builder.  Very good at putting his "candies" on the house.  Eli was the stealer.  Very good at eating the "candies" off the house.

Yep.. you caught me stealing the candy mom

We visited with family.  Both of Justin's grandmothers and his Papa.  Justin's cousins from North Carolina were down and we were all able to get together.  What a special treat!

Grandma and Baby Emmaline

Pulling his finger!

The girls with Emmaline

JC and Poppa

Getting Eli's sugar

Get away from me!

Ha! Talked into giving kisses
We celebrated Christmas and were blessed to be part of Emmaline's first Christmas.  

The week was filled with some sweet moments and memories.  We even snuck away for a date with Lauren and Preston.  Sushi and drinks after.  Getting crazy :-)  No pictures though. As soon as were all ready,  we smelled freedom from the kids and took off running before Gamma and Big Poppa could change their minds!!

Gamma and her little ones

What a sweet baby!

Baby life at Christmas is SO HARD!

Big Poppa's signature diaper changing style

Loving those sleeping baby things

Eli kept stealing the paci

Enjoying Hideaway pizza

Playing with JB's gift to Justin "The Daddle"

Emmaline shopping with the girls
Watching Cars on mom's ipad on the bed

And doing some silly dancing with Daddy to pass the time!

I really think the highlight of the week for them was helping Daddy and Uncle Preston wash the dog.  And it was warm enough.  Boys and water hose.  The most fun.  Especially when you turn it on Daddy!

And after 12 days away from home, we wrapped it up (ha) and headed back to Houston.  2 boys, 2 toddlers, lots of gifts, and mainly lots of sweet family memories we can laugh about for years to come. 

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