A Crafty Christmas

This is honestly the first year since we have been married that we have been in a house that we knew we weren't moving out of or selling, and had the resources to add a few decorations.  Now I am going to tell you that I myself think Christmas decorations are OUTRAGEOUSLY overpriced and super expensive just because its Christmas.  Combine that thought with great ideas from Pinterest and I started crafting it up this Christmas!  I have so much more I would like to add as the years go by but got a great start this Christmas.  

One of the first things I made this Christmas was a burlap banner.  I was at the holiday Nutcracker market in Houston and there was this amazing booth full of hand painted and stamped art.  They had "flags" of burlap that you could buy and make a banner.  Lots of kids names, or sayings, or Merry Christmas.  $4.99 a letter!  Seriously.  $5 a letter.  Do. The. Math.  I told my mom, "no way" I can do that.  $3.99 a yard burlap with the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, some Martha Stewart craft paint (30% off at Michael's), a set of stencils and roll of jute (also 40% off at Hobby Lobby) and I was ready to go!  I had a few things saved on Pinterest so I followed the inspiration found HERE but I don't sew so I had to improvise and use some liquid stitch and creativity to get the look I wanted.

stenciling my burlap triangles strung on jute

In the very early stages
I also needed some tree decorations for my new entertainment center.  I saw some that I loved that were $20 to $40 each.  Ugh. No way.  Because I wanted at least 6.  So I made them myself.  Drawing inspiration from THRIFTY AND CHIC that I found on Pinterest I set out to make 6 jute trees.  Can I just say that I LOVE them.  Really.  Got the tree with coupons at Hobby Lobby.  Used the jute from the above banner.  Love it.  Then gave them a good spray of holiday glitter so they shimmer.  A natural earthy touch with a little glam. Ok. Maybe the trees are my favorite this year!

I purchased these berry stems for .99 at Hobby Lobby and added them as a touch. I love the way they turned out.  I think they are my favorite. Next year I want to do some fun yarn ones for the boys room but I ran out of time this year.

I also love the wreath for my front door.  Kinda amazing that my mom scored the base of the wreath for me on 50% off a Hobby Lobby.  I added battery powered lights.  2 sets which made me take 3 trips to Home Depot to actually get 2 sets that work. Ugh. Anyway, I added a R which I sprayed painted red and glitter and I cut some of my $3.99 Hobby Lobby burlap to add ribbon.  Presto!  Amazing front door unique wreath.  LOVE IT!

I made stockings too!  From scratch!  Handmade. Really.  I cut them out of fabric, liquid stiched them, trimmed them, painted them, sewed hangers on them, and decorated them with monogram tree stockings.  I can't believe they turned out so cute.  I wish that I had taken better pictures along the way. It was quite the lengthy process.  I got the original idea from Susie Harris but my mom saw the polka dotted red burlap at a store in the Woodlands and told me that I had to paint polka dots on them. She was right.

So I love the way the entertainment center decorations turned out!  

 And our tree too!

Cut burlap for the tree

Munchkin approved!

I worked on so many hand crafted gifts this year too.  I love the teacher gifts.  I found the idea Skip To My Lou which is a great sight and she even has the pre designed circles that you can download, customize, and cut out.  However, I did not have the circle punchers - I borrow those from my mom when needed so in a pinch I had a great idea.  I bought place cards (with reindeer of course) for .99, wrote the notes on them, and hot glued them to wooden craft sticks.  Then for the Merry Christmas I used pre made cupcake toppers also .99.  They flowers I thought were such a steal. They are landscape poinsettia's which come 6 to a carton for $6.  $1 each!  The pots were .97 each and I had the chalkboard paint that I painted each pot.  I think they will be great to use for herbs or whatever when they are done with the poinsetta's.  And since I had to do 13, I still came in at budget!

Other gifts that I made I used my cricut and vinyl to monogram and embellish pre bought gifts.  I scored a HUGE deal on these wine glasses on the end of summer clearance at Target last year.  So huge that I do not want to admit the price!  I used the cricut and colored vinyl to put their initials on and wrapped them back up with a snowman ribbon. LOVE!

I also love these cups that I scored at Hobby Lobby! on 50% off, used the cricut, and some pretty ribbon and clear wrap.  Great office gifts.  

I am hoping now that I am "semi-retired" that I can have some more time or that I want feel like I am taking time away from the boys as much when I do a little crafting. I found that I really enjoyed decorating and "making my home" this Christmas.  Hope you enjoy too!

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