When We Go Out on Halloween

If you watch Barney Halloween party, then you know the song referenced in the title.  We literally have watched Barney Halloween for the last 2 months.  We are very familiar with all things Halloween, dressing up, making spiders, decorating pumpkins, and trick or treating.  I think that is how all these fun words made it into our vocabulary.

I truly did think that the boys might be scared and nervous with all the big "scary" kids in the dark.  NOT AT ALL!  

We met up with the neighbors and their sweet twins that Beckett call "AddyChloe" all one word.. I don't think they can tell them apart!  They are were so sweet to the boys, taking them to the "BEST" houses.  My boys love them so "AddyChloe"

Twin cuteness OVERLOAD!

This house was so dark and spooky.. they were so brave!

They even told people "thank you" and "bye bye" Made me so proud :-)

One of Eli's favorite things to do was put candy from his basket back into the basket of the "giver" at each house.  It was a nice trade off! They also loved all the decorations.  Here we are counting pumpkin lights and naming the colors.

After all this hard work, of course we needed a candy break!  Grab a curb and dig in..

And to prove to mom that we are REALLY big, we played in a neighborhood game of tag!

After a few more looks at the neighbors awesome decorations, we loaded up the wagon and headed home.  Another successful Halloween "party" as the boys called it.  Trick or Treat!


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